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F. Truchetet, O. Guibon, S. Meaume
Journal of Wound Care, Vol. 21, Iss. 12, 11 Dec 2012, pp 620 - 625

Objective: To describe motivations for using a silicone, silver-releasing dressing and the type of wounds treated with this dressing, and to evaluate its short-term impact on wound characteristics.
Method: A French, prospective, observational study of adult patients prescribed a soft-silicone, silver-releasing dressing (Mepilex Ag; Mölnlycke Health Care) in the community. Each participating physician was asked to include the first two consecutive patients they treated with the silver dressing, reporting patient and wound characteristics, as well as the presence of 10 local signs compatible with wound infection (abscesses, purulent or copious exudate, erythema, increase in local warmth, pain, oedema, lymphangitis or satellite adenitis, malodour and delayed wound healing).

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