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Linda Russell, Tim Reynolds, Judy Carr, Amanda Evans, Margaret Holmes
British Journal of Nursing, Vol. 9, Iss. 22, 08 Dec 2000, pp 2270 - 2280

The authors have previously reported the preliminary results of a randomized-controlled trial comparing the relative efficacy of two pressure-relieving systems: Huntleigh Nimbus 3 and Aura Cushion, and Pegasus Cairwave Therapy System and ProActive Seating Cushion (Russell et al, 2000). Although both the mattresses and cushions were effective treatments for pressure ulcers, the Huntleigh equipment was demonstrated to be statistically more effective for heel ulcers, but no differences were demonstrated for sacral ulcers. This article gives a more detailed analysis of the 141 patients assessed using computerized-image analysis of the digital images of sacral ulcers captured during the trial and specifically discusses the healing rates and other patient characteristics. Ninety-eight per cent of ulcers examined were deemed superficial (Torrance grade 2a, 2b, 3). Precision of image analysis assessed by within- and between-batch coefficients of variation was excellent: calibration CV 0.931.84%; area CV 4.615.72%. The healing rates on the two mattresses were not shown to be statistically different from each other.

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